On the Hoof Distance Training
On the Hoof Distance Training


        What’s it all about?


With Winter around the corner and COVID making plans a challenge, On the HoofDT would like to offer you the opportunity of becoming part of an exclusive HUB to run through November, December and January .

What’s a HUB = central part of the wheel …  so we are going to form small groups of people to spin this wheel.

The Aim

We all need a direction and help to keep moving forward in a positive manner

  • What to do in the winter …
  • Nutritional help
  • Rider fitness focus
  • Winter Niggles *vet discussion*
  • Planning ahead ( competition : holiday ride: happier hacking ??)
  • Fitness “what, how and why

Educational, fun a group of like minded people helping each other

  • Facilitated by On the Hoof DT
  • Guest speakers
  • Fact sheets



Groups of 4/5 people and occasional guest speaker ( grouped by interest and level and ???)

Bi-weekly pre planned zoom sessions (max 90 mins)

Sign up for the entire HUB ( that’s 6 sessions)

£45 for 3 months of educational contact and fun

Fill in the Application Form and times/dates will be arranged within the groups – looking for start dates 2nd week in November



On the Hoof Distance Training






Then please contact us

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