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Maggie Pattinson


Maggie has a lifetime’s experience across equestrian disciplines from dressage to racing, and became involved in endurance riding about 20 years ago.  Maggie has ridden, crewed and trained at international level and with her passion for fitness and individuality Maggie is the ideal person to help you whether you’re a newcomer, a happy hacker, top competitor with a “confidence issue” or a competitor who would like focus and/or an old hand to discuss any thoughts or issues you may have.


Maggie Pattinson has recently retired after 12 yrs as Chef d’Equipe of the England Home International Endurance Team where she enjoyed introducing novice combinations to a team environment, setting the example for what they should aspire too as they move up the levels. Many of those selected in Maggie's squads have gone on to International success!


Maggie is currently the official coach and trainer for the Mongol Derby (a race across 1000km of Mongolian Steppe which draws riders from across the world). She provides advice and guidance to all entrants but for those lucky to live in the UK or with deep pockets who can visit, she also runs bespoke sessions to get them up to speed on rider fitness, navigation and mental resilience. 


Maggie's other great passion is rehabilitation. Successfully bringing horses back from serious injury to full fitness provides great job satisfacton. She prides herself on working with the owners, their 'home' team (vet, farrier, physio) and having a great network of associates with their own expertise whi she can bring in or lean on to support the process.



The Horses



Homebred mare who is reaching her cranky late teens! Sadhira is a 2* Level Endurance horse, she has tackled flat courses with ease and eaten up the miles over challenging terrain. She also has a penchant for racing and at the ripe old age of 17 had a go at her first ever flat race last year, she also gave mock hunting a go! Currently ridden by Shelley, you can expect to find them exploring various corners of the Surrey Hills.



A new 'type' for Maggie, Pablo is her first ever Irish 'Sports Horse'.  Generally looking more Irish Cob than sports horse, Pablo has a magnificent forelock, mane and tail that take hours to spruce up when going out to 'parties'. An old hand at all things Riding Club, Pabs is now enjoying a more sedate pace of life with the occasional dressage test, pleasure ride or mini jumping lesson. He's fun to ride and has already been teaching some of the Mongol Derby riders that he knows best whilst taking them around the delightful commons and woodlands of the Surrey Hills.

The Dogs

Luna (top) - a Podenco cross rescue from Spain. Loves to run....far away! A free spirit outside, she loves nothing better than a cuddle once home.


Basil (bottom left) - we think a Cojack (Jack Russell x Corgi). A rescue who took a long time to trust, he is now the elder statesman of the three. This is never more obvious when his selective hearing kicks in! Doesn't think rules apply to him.


Milo (bottom right) - came to stay for a weekend and never left! A bit of a trouble making, home wrecker to start with, Milo has settled into life and now loves nothing better than snuggling under the duvet. You won't find him when it's raining...unless you look under the covers!


The doggies will always be there to greet you so please do stop to say hello and give them a cuddle!

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