On the Hoof Distance Training
On the Hoof Distance Training

                     Come as you are 

            Virtual Dressage Series

No White jods, No Jacket, No leather,


This is a series for you …. Dressage, Ladies & Gents, is simply “schooling” and we should all be doing some of that, whatever our sport…

On the Hoof DT are offering you the opportunity, no matter where you are, to have some schooling fun.

Get your tests recorded and send them in for our judges to score.


N.B. Tests must be recorded from C, where the judges would be sitting.

Feedback will be professional, constructive and aimed at helping you both improve.

Three Classes:

  1. BD Test of your choosing. Let us know, prior to the day, which you will be performing.
  2. Walk and Trot test - BD Intro Ridden A, B and C                       2a. Intro In-Hand A, B and C
  3. Freestyle “show us your warm up” (there will be a number of compulsory moves but it’s largely about what you do)

Entry Fees:


“Virtual” Winter Come as you Are Dressage

December 2021, January and February 2022 - Send in your entry at any point during the calendar month


Each Class: £10 (2 classes £18/ 3 Classes £26)



On the Hoof Distance Training






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